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Orange is a modern city that has grown from its rich mining past, in fact Orange was the home to Australia's first payable gold discovery at Ophir in 1851. Orange has a population of 38,000 people and with surrounding towns and villages, supports a population of 100,000 through its industrial, commercial and service resources.

Located just 3.5 hours west of Sydney and 3 hours north west of Canberra in Central NSW, Orange is a cultural city, blending historic buildings and streetscapes with cosmopolitan cafes, restaurants, theatres and galleries.

Orange's strong diverse economy, excellent education and health facilities and broad range of community services provide an excellent base for residents and visitors alike.

Orange's industry base is significant and diverse, ranging from apples through to whitegoods manufacturing, mining, tourism, agricultural support and research facilities.

The region has consolidated its position as a nationally significant metallurgical mining centre with the development of Cadia and Ridgeway Gold and Copper mining projects. The cumulative economic impact of the operation of Cadia Hill and Ridgeway Gold Mines is estimated to be in the order of $426 - $453 million in annual regional output, $271- $286 million in annual value added and $40 - $47 million in annual household income. The Mines currently employ some 500 people.  Electrolux and an extensive range of medical specialists and health services concentrated in Orange.

For more information on the City, contact the Orange Visitor Information Centre on Freecall 1800 069 466 or email
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